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Holodomor Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Ukrainian Genocide

“Holodomor” means fake famine or slow killing by starvation in Ukrainian. Joseph Stalin, the premier of the Soviet Union, created an artificial famine to destroy the will of the Ukrainian people that sought independence from his rule. This famine lasted for three years killing an estimated seven to ten million people. Ukraine was known as the breadbasket of Europe before this happened. This was one of the worst cases of mass killing ever recorded. It also is one of the worst cases of food, or lack of it, being used as a weapon. Some people to this day ignore the fact that this artificial famine even existed. Ukraine had been under the domination of the Imperial Czars of Russia for…

The Holodomor: An Attack on Ukrainian Nationalism

The Holodomor: An Attack on Ukrainian Nationalism This year, 2013, marks the 81st anniversary of the most devastating event in Ukrainian history—the Holodomor, or the government induced famine of 1932-1933. Historian Robert Conquest uses Soviet census data to arrive at a death toll of around 5 million people throughout Ukraine and another 6.5 million deaths during dekulakisation—the elimination of landowners, prior to the Great Famine (Reid 116). These numbers add up to twice the number of deaths recorded during the Holocaust with a lingering possibility of being grossly underestimated due to lack of discovered documentation (Reid 116). Although the Holodomor stands as a national tragedy of the Ukrainian nation, the precise understanding of its existence is a constant debate. Some…