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Holidays in Kazakhstan Essay

The aim of my article is to introduce foreign tourists with our national holidays. That is why, I decided to present May events, which will happen in the nearest future. At the beginning of May we are going to celebrate the 1st of May. This day is included two festive occasions. The first is Day of Solidarity of workers. This event is also celebrated more than in 142 countries around the World. And the second occasion is the Day of Unity of people. Usually people gather in public places and organize the concert with traditional songs, dances and you have the chance to taste national dishes of all ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan. At night above city’s sky you can behold hundreds lanterns. People set on fire, make a wish and let them fly. It is a beautiful end of event.

Victory Day takes place on the 9th of May. It is a legendary day, when all generations wait for this date to congratulate people, who gave us the Peace in 1945.Unfotubately, Veterans of war we can count on fingers of one hand. We show our respect and gratitude to these people for our saved lives. All day street festivals are held all around the city. In the end of this occasion people come to the main square, where is given a wonderful salute at 10 p.m. On the 25th of May it became a tradition to open all fountains in the city. Students after their solemnity at school come in places with fountain. Singing songs, dancing, telling poems we can observe there. So, this is the list of holidays that we will celebrate in the near future. Dear foreigner, join to us in our street festivals!

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