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HIV/AIDS: Speech Presentation Essay

Trials for the development of AIDS vaccine were being performed as early as 1987 but despite these efforts, scientists and researchers are still unable to come up with an effective medical agent that will help control and prevent the spread of this disease (IAVI, 2010). Each year, about 2. 7 million people are infected with HIV, the causative agent of AIDS, and the numbers keep growing due to the inability of the international community to provide sufficient efforts.

However, a number of notable actions are being done recently by developed countries in order to address the spread of AIDS and an example of which is the commitment of the Japanese government to donate USD 10million to support the research and development of AIDS vaccine (IAVI, 2010). The London School of Pharmacy is another institution that has been awarded with 2 million GBP for its funds from the UK National Institute for Health Research (The School of Pharmacy, 2010).

The said organization will examine the relationship of adherence to anti-retroviral therapy (ART) to the promotion of beneficial effects for long-term conditions like AIDS. President Obama of USA, on the other hand, has picked the 13th of July 2010 to be the launching date of the very first US National HIV/AIDS Strategy, a set of programs that intends t reduce infection rate by 25% through the exposure of 90% of HIV positive patients to 3 months of diagnosis (Colvin & Fox, 2010).

The aforementioned actions support the idea that members of the international community are now actively participating in addressing the concerns of AIDS. Unfortunately, countries in Africa, specially Namibia, are considered by many to be inadequate in providing appropriate actions to control the spread of AIDS as supported by the fact that travel ban for HIV positive patients from Namibia was already lifted (AllAfrica Global Media, 2010).

In contrary to this, African supporters believe that travel ban only impose discriminatory procedures for HIV positive patients, people who are capable of living normal lives and must not be isolated from the public. Discrimination for AIDS patients and all the other concerns for HIV can be reduced, if not totally eliminated, by the discovery of naturally occurring antibodies that neutralize more than 90% of all HIV strains (NIH, 2010).

Named as VRCO1 and VRCO2, these newly discovered antibodies interrupts the binding of the HIV to the spikes of a protein called CD4, an event that prevents the virus from penetrating human cells. This phenomenon is indeed a very promising stage of HIV science but further investigations must still be done to examine the process and produce a corresponding vaccine (NIH, 2010). Consequently, absolute control of the spread of HIV and AIDS is very hard to attain but is not impossible.

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