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History Today Essay

 History Today is actually a magazine, and historytoday. com is its website. The purpose of the website is to target the global audience and to publicize or introduce the magazine to them. 5. Yes, i believe the website is easy to read, with appropriate ads spaced on the sides, the layout is professional and pages are easy to follow, with drop down menus popping out when the cursor is moved to the various sections of the website which also makes it easier to navigate through different pages.

The links are all up and running as they should. 6. Even though the website has the names of all the production team and editorial advisory board listed, no email addresses or contact numbers are given on the website. 7. The website i believe is current, however, this particular article i am looking into was published in 2007. 1. The website provides access to some of the articles that were initially published in the magazine.

Data sources would mainly include both primary and secondary sources of information, as well as independent interpretations of historical events or personalities. Eventhough the website doesn’t include visual images, the actual magazine ‘History Today’ does. 2. Yes i believe the website is objective and free from any bias, as the page i happened to run into mentions both sides of the arguments. For example, the brief literature part of the original article says that yet, it is also necessary to explore the self-destructive qualities of Napoleon’s character.

3. NOTE: I dont know anything about your textbook, so i cannot answer this Question 4. Eventhough, the site only contained a small extract of the real article, it is useful for people who are looking towards finding a small hint on a topic related to history. Further details are present in the magazine itself. I would definitely recommend this website to any friend intersted in getting some insight onto a topic that directly or indirectly relates to history.

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