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History of the Internet Essay

Importance of internet Journal #6 Internet had a large impact in my life when I was a teenage and still plays an important role in my daily life. At that time, I was more interested in playing games and exploring every topic that would come to my mind through the internet. I thought of the internet and the computer only as something for fun but this still helped me get used to working and understanding computer and internet. As I grew older; however, I realized the importance of the internet because of the information I could access and the easy contact I could have with my friends and family.

Communication with my family and friends is the most important aspect of internet on my daily life. Without Facebook, Skype, and other programs I would not be able to regularly speak to my loved ones throughout the world which would have a huge impact on my daily life. Not only are these programs easy to use but also they are free which doubles the benefits of internet. Since I have moved to Texas I have also been able to use these programs to find new friends I may have not been able to find if it was not for the internet.

Furthermore, the information and help I can get on the internet has allowed me become a better student. Often when I may have difficulty with an assignment I use the internet to help guide me into a right direction by using proper educational web sources that can provide me with valuable information. A negative side to the impact of the internet on my daily life is that it is easy sometimes to get distracted and waste time. Either way, the internet plays an important role in my daily life for without it I would not be able to speak to my family and not be able to access the vast amount of information that is provided through the internet.

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