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History of State and Federal Prisons Essay

State and Federal Prison History

The basic history for both state and federal prisons are the same, they were both created to incarcerate criminals that were sentenced for a minimum of thirteen months and a maximum of life. However, state prisons are ran by that state government and are usually for those who are considered “Blue-collar criminals”. Federal prisons are ran by the U.S government and are for those considered “White-collar criminals”. Both types of prisons have the same levels of security that can range from minimum to maximum.

State Prisons

State prisons are controlled by state governments and incarcerate “blue-collar criminals”. A blue-collar crime is any crime committed by someone of lower class. This comes from the term “blue-collar worker”. Blue-collar workers are primarily paid a lower wage and are mostly middle class people and lower. Blue-collar criminals primarily commit crimes that are of a personal nature (such as robbery).

Federal Prison

If a criminal is committed of tax fraud then they will most likely end up in a federal prison. Federal Prisons are run by the national government and primarily house those known as “white-collar criminals”. A while-collar criminal is a person who commits what is known as a white-collar crime such as Income tax evasion. The term white-collar criminal is related to the term “white-collar worker”, who are mostly those who receive higher wages and are part of the upper-middle class to the higher class range.

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