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History 20th Century Essay

The historical past of a particular country is essential in understanding its present situation as well as in planning the future. Past events served as a basis as to why particular situations happen in the present. In relation to this, lesson learned in the past also becomes a guide in order to avoid previous mistakes. Being the case, analyzing a country’s history is indeed important. These ideas also holds true in the case of the 20th century African American leadership. The era of slavery in the United States of America holds a very important part in their history.

It was during the time wherein the southern region of the country capitalizes in the exportation of cotton that this slavery of African American took place. As such, maltreatment of these people happened that is characterized by the discrimination and segregation of the African Americans from the whites. This is also the reason why many African American leaders started to go against this inhumane treatment and asked for changes. Their efforts might have taken a long time before it made a difference but it was worth it.

It is also essential that primary resources are use in studying and analyzing the history of African American leadership because it should be taken into consideration that majority of the people who are in power during those times as well as at the present are whites. As such, some of them are capable of manipulating the information about the African American history. Studying the leadership of these African Americans is important because they epitomize how people struggle in order to fight for their rights.

They also embody a turning point in the United States history because it was due to their leadership that the country reassesses their idea of freedom and democracy. Furthermore, it plays an important role for the country to understand the present state of African Americans as well as the development and areas for improvement of the situation of these people. Moreover, the lesson learned from this experience would aid the people to make things better so that the mistakes done in the past would not happen again.

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