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Hispanics Essay Topics & Paper Examples


The Hispanics form the largest of the minority groups in America. Hispanic presence in USA started in the year 1848. By the twentieth century, their number had outgrown as a result of their legal or illegal immigration from their homelands such as Cuba and Mexico. Statistics show that in the year 2001, the number had grown into 35 million Hispanics. They started settling in Southern America; areas that were colonized by Spain like California and also Texas. Today Hispanics are widely spread in the whole nation. Most of the Hispanics are bilingual speaking both fluent English and Spanish (Duany, 2010). This essay seeks to explore through the tough life of the Hispanics in America. Did the Hispanics Colonize or migrate…

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This paper is all about the importance of empowering the counselors to become more multi-culturally competent therapists in carrying out their assessment procedures. This is for the counselors to ensure security among their clients who are living and trying to adjust in a culturally diverse society. The United States is one good example of a society having a mixture of the different cultures and subcultures of different races and therefore, having varied sexual orientation preference, language, and spiritual beliefs. Thus, these varied characteristics shall challenge the counselors to devise ways on how to deal with the diverse factors which might have an influence on how they carry out their assessment or evaluation of their clients. The focus of this paper…