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Hippie Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Hippie Movement of the 1960’s

The 1960’s were, in my opinion the most influential decade in the history of the world. Some people went from being preppy, well-kept human beings to turning into long-haired, earth- loving and careless people. When the citizens of today look back at the ‘60s, they think of one of the happiest decades their generation has ever seen if not the happiest they’ve ever went through. The “hippies” stressed that everybody be happy, calm and find peace through love and tolerance. This means that everybody should just be happy, love everybody, and put up with anything that bothered them because if they were in a care free state, did these things really bother them in the end? This whole movement was…

The Cross Cultural Approach

Some cultures totally blend together, while others just clash. The cross-cultural approach observes how different cultures act towards one another; their similarities, their differences, and how well they tend to get along or do not get along. In NextNC, an article was written by Erin Frustaci, Hippie Culture, the article mentions how the “new age hippies” are getting along with our more dominate American culture. In Hippie Culture, it relates the culture of the 1960’s in America versus the present. The “new age hippies” embrace and try to fight the old stereotypes of the 1960’s. Beth Sharp, a “new age hippie,” has been fighting these stereotypes since her ex-boss fired her because he thought that her new hippie look was…

Multicultural Literature

During this semester in Prose class, I have learned many kind of short stories by writers of various background. I also learn how to analyze the text critically, especially about structuralism and culture studies. There are 8 short stories that I have discussed with the class and written in one-page journal response. First, A Short Happy Life of Conat by Mochtar Lubis , Rising Flood by Riem Eng, First Confession by Frank O’Connor, Wings by Catriona McKenzie, Ta-Na-E-Ka by Mary Whitebird, Indian Camp by Ernest Hemingway, Bali by Putu Setia, and Because My Father Always Said He Was the Only Indian Who Saw Jimi Hendrix Play “The Star-Spangled Banner at Woodstock by Sherman Alexie. Moreover I learned about what Prose…