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Highways Essay Topics & Paper Examples

History of American Highways

Highways are very important in every country, in every place. It is often termed as the sign of civilization or development of a place. That is undeniably true because a good highway or road system of a certain place means that the government, may it is local or national, have the resources to put up nice highways and national roads. It also signifies that a place is a place where many people are going. It means that there is something there that needs to have a nice highway. Most people want a very nice highway to drive to. They hate those bumpy roads because they find it annoying. That is why the government of every country makes the construction of…

Blue Highways

The beginning to an end, and round again, for Least Heat Moon was when he lost his teaching job. He figured he had two choices – to sleep the matter over or to go crazy. He chose neither. Instead, he decided to take a self-fulfilling journey in search of “places where change did not mean ruin and where Time and Man and Deeds connected. ” Least Heat Moon took a circular route from one end of the United States to another using the back roads or the blue highways because he believed that “life does not happen along interstates. ” He likened Life to a circular route that comes round again, to start over and anew. Least Heat Moon came…