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High School and Passion Paper Passion Essay

Passion. What is passion? Passion can be described in two words: strong and uncontrollable. We can’t control how we feel about the people, activities, and ideas in our lives. Passion isn’t always a good thing; too much of it can render a person incompetent. Everyone has a passion of their own and they pursue it in a different way. My passion is the game of lacrosse. I love every aspect of the game: playing, coaching, and officiating. I started playing lacrosse when I was eight years old and I have loved it every since.

I was one of those kids that played every sport up until seventh grade, which was when I had a decision to make: what sport am I going to take seriously. I no longer had time for everything that I wanted to do. I knew right away that lacrosse was going to be the major sport in my life. I played volleyball in the fall and lacrosse year round. I quit dance, basketball, snowboarding, and running and I devoted myself to lacrosse. I played up for my high school while I was still in middle school and I played for a travel team that competed at tournaments in front of college coaches.

I decided freshman year that I wanted to play in college; and so my search began looking for the perfect school and program. During this process, I became more and more involved with the sport. I became a certified official and I began assistant coaching. I can honestly say that I love my job. I have the opportunity to pass down the skills I have accumulated over the years to new playing of the game. Being part of a team means having a big family. Lacrosse controls every aspect of my life.

It’s what I write about in school. It’s what my mind is focused on 95% of the time. Some people say I am too invested in the game, but it’s what makes me a better player. I know the game and I can read the field. I’m a smart player and I have become this way because lacrosse controls me; but I let it control me in a healthy way. It keeps me active and in shape and gives me skills that are needed in the real world: teamwork, common goals, and never giving up. Lacrosse is my passion and I never want to give it up.

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