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High School Essay

0 year i was born on 1998/7/5, in shanghai, china. 9 month i learned how to walk. 3 years old my first day of kindergarten. i cried but i also met a lot of cool kids. i learned to read. 4 years old i started to dance and i love dancing. 7 years old i went to elementary school and i was very exciting. i played violin for one year and then i quit. 9 years old lost my first tooth, i’m scared. 10 years old i got a first C in my life. rode my bicycle. 12 years old I went to a good middle school, and most people are very good at study. i felt i’m so lonely and tired.

But after 2 weeks, i made a lot of friends and i love my life in my high school. my feet hurt, my doctor told me that i can’t dance anymore, play any spots or P. E. class. 13 years old i moved to america because i got a bad score in my middle school. my parents think that i can’t get into a good high school in china. most my classmates cried, i cried. i really missed them went i first came to here. but after few days, i adjusted my new life and i like my new school taylor middle school. however, i still miss my family members in shanghai and my friends. i still contact them.

i also took a lot of classes after school to improve my english. 14 years old i became a eighth grader, i felt i’m so mature. i learned a lot from this year. i started to play guitar. 15 years old i went to mils high school. i got a good grade. 19 years old i went to UC berkeley. i met my boyfriend. had a good time in UC berkely. 24 years old graduated from UC berkeley, became a good psychologist. 26 years old i got married, have a good life. 27 years old got a lot of money and had my first child. 32 years old got my second child. 70 years old i got stomach cancer. 82 years old i died from gastric cancer, i donated my organs.

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