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Hermeneutics Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Literature, Translation

Indian Literature and Literary Theory The present section is an attempt to define a category: Indian Literature, so that one can conjure up a vision of Indian literature which has become more and more relevant during 21th century. 1. 1 An idea of Indian literature: Indian constitution gives us values : liberty, equality and fraternity. These values are Indian literary values, because literature is highly valued writing. In other words we can say Indian constitution is one although written for the Indian people who speak different Indian languages. Likewise Indian literature is one although written in the different Indian languages because their value systems and consequently value judgements are one. In addition, if there is one particular Indian constitution for…

Dissemination of Data

Freemantle and Watt (1994) suggest dissemination is the mechanisms and strategies by which specific groups become aware of, obtain, and make use of information. This definition introduces the notion of targeting specific groups with information that may be relevant, but also highlights the necessity of such groups being able to make use of the information once received. A goal of the researcher according to Pellecchia (1999) should be “to disseminate the findings, thereby adding new knowledge to the field”. Researchers have an array of presentational styles and formats to choose from that best fit their research purposes (Sandelowski, 1998) but the key point is to choose the most appropriate method for displaying particular research findings (Saldana, 2003). In paying attention…

Biblical Hermeneutics

In its most basic definition, biblical hermeneutics refers to the art and science of biblical interpretation. It is considered an art because understanding, which is required for interpretation, requires a feel for the subject matter being interpreted, not just an analyzation of data. Biblical hermeneutics is also considered a science due to the fact that some aspects of the interpretation process resemble the activities of natural science. Because of this dual nature of hermeneutics, it is almost impossible for an interpreter to arrive at a neutral conclusion. Good or bad, most biblical interpreters translate scripture based upon predilections or presuppositions learned through a lifetime of exposure to biblical teachings, church sermons, Bible studies, etc. Nevertheless, the hermeneutical goal is to…