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Heredity, Environment and Development Essay

Development of a person includes physical, mental, emotional and social aspects. These developments are associated with his genetic factors and also the factors related to the environment in which he is interacting with. Most of the personality traits were developed through these factors alone. “In the late 20th century, some of the key genes that control developmental processes (such as the Hox genes) were at last discovered.”

(Heredity) Heredity means the transfer of the characteristics of parents to their off-springs through genes in their chromosomes. Every child enters the world with certain physical and mental features of their parents. These factors will affect his development throughout his life.

Environment means all those factors which are contributed to the development of a person from the home, family, neighborhood, peer group, the school and the entire community in which the person is interacting.  “Environmental effects appeared broad and dynamic whereas the adolescents’ effects on environment appeared direct and specific” (Reciprocal Relationship between Home Environment and Development of TMR Adolescents) “Environmental influences can be divided into two classes, shared and non-shared (or unique) environment.

Shared environment is the environment shared by siblings reared in the same family. This includes such variables as socioeconomic status and parent education. Non-shared environment is the environment unique to the individual. This includes such variables as peer group.” (Behavior Genetics)


The development of a person is controlled by nature and nurture or heredity and environment. Most of the personality traits are the contributions of heredity and environment.


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