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Heracles Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Greece and Rome

In ancient Greece and Rome, a hero was set apart by their strength and their achievements, which far surpassed ordinary mortals. These heroes were demi-gods of half-mortal, half-divine percentage. In order to be seen as a true hero, he followed what they called the ‘hero pattern’, beginning with his origin, followed by his journey. His journey is then divided into 3 distinct parts; separation or departure, penetration of the power source, and finally the return or reintegration. Today, we don’t have such high expectations. Our heroes don’t have to follow any extensive ‘hero pattern’, as long as he is simply a man of perfection; courageous, intelligent, selfless, handsome, etc. When comparing the stories of our Greek heroes traditionally versus modernly,…

The Greeks and gods

The Greeks looked at their gods with attributes they only wished they could attain. They developed stories of extraordinary people that were the offspring of immortals such as Nymphs or gods like Hermes or Zeus. Most of these stories consisted of labors, quests, or bloody wars, where the heroes were at the epicenter of the tale. What made these heroes so great was not just the fact they had godly attributes or completed monumental tasks, but endured more tragedy or more bliss than any common Greek would undergo. One tale commonly told was that of a demigod named Achilles. His mother Thetis was a Sea Nymph, and his father was Peleus, was the king of the Myrmidons. Most stories of…