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Henry Morrison Flagler Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Henry Morrison Flagler

Born in Hopewell, New York on January 2, 1830, Henry Morrison Flagler was a successful industrialist who co-founded Standard Oil Company, the most triumphant monopoly of the nineteenth century. Henry’s father, Isaac Flagler, was a wandering Presbyterian minister who became a member of the racial equality movement in Ohio. After the separatioan of his parents, Henry, together with his mother, Elizabeth, and his younger sister decided to move to Rock Hill, New York. Flagler moved to Bellevue, Ohio at the age of 14 together with his half-brother, Dan Harkness. At the age of 23, Henry Flagler married Harkness’ cousin, Mary Harkness. They had two daughters and a son. Unfortunately, their second daughter died at a young age of 3. Both…