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Heliox Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The use of heliox for patients experiencing an asthma attack

Heliox is a mixture of oxygen and helium and is used in the management of different respiratory conditions. Although beneficial evidence in the use of heliox to manage acute exacerbation of asthma is conflicting and highly contested, recent reports as well as clinical trials have shown positive reports among certain patients. One important property of heliox is that it’s insoluble and biologically inert in the body thus lacking anti-inflammatory or bronchodilator effect ( Lieberman, 1999, p. 31). During an asthma attack, heliox lowers the difficulties of gas flow in the airways and allows increased ventilation. The main reasons are twofold. First, breathing this gas reduces the number of Reynolds, converting the strenuous flow into a smooth laminar flow. Second, since it…