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Helicopter Parenting Essay

Taking care of children can be bad for a family. The relation in a family might depend upon how much time they spend with each other, but it become worse when parents are not aware whether what they are doing is reasonable for everyone in the family or not. The act of taking care of children closely, or “helicopter parenting”, is not common for modern societies. Helicopter parenting has a negative consequence to families because children may be unable to have positive thinking and parents cannot manage their time properly.

Helicopter parenting tends to cause children not to have good attitudes towards other people and to have negative thinking. As Nelson (2011) point out that a recent research of 300 college freshmen by a psychologist at Keene State College shows that children with helicopter parents tend to less communicate with other children because they might be too shy to speak to other children. Also, they do not dare to make friends with the children whose age is the same. Moreover, the children might have to be dependent parents all the time.

What is more, helicopter parents do not have much time in their lives. According to a study of the Washington and Lee University School of Law by Robin Wilson, Fathers who are already married spend less time with their friends about 40% when comparing in 1965. Married mothers also spend less time with their friends. Furthermore, because parents have to work hard and take care of their children, they do not have much time in their lives. As a consequence, some partners might get divorced (Nelson, 2011).

Some people might think that helicopter parenting has been beneficial to children. The children with helicopter parents might have better learning skills because they can think and decide what to do effectively, and it will be safe for the children because their parents always look after them closely. Plus, the children will have fewer problems rather than other unclosed-looking-after children (Nelson, 2011). These things are sometimes true and reasonable. However, helicopter parenting has more drawbacks rather than advantages for parents and children because children always have to be dependent upon their parents and parents’ lives are unhappy.

All in all, taking care of kids too closely will cause some bad results. In the future, children will be unable to decide by themselves because in the past they always rely heavily on their parents. Moreover, being a parent will be a bad thing for ones’ lives. Personally, I think that taking care of children so closely is a good thing, but this become uncommon in today societies. In some cultures, parents take care of their children too closely until children are not able to do everything by themselves. Finally, to make children’s and parents’ lives better, parents should manage time properly and control their children appropriately.

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