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Helen Keller Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Summary The story of my life By Helen

Helen’s apprehension before writing her autobiography Helen felt a kind of hesitation before she set on the task of penning down her autobiography and, thus, reveal the story of her life. In addition, the task itself was a difficult one for Helen: looking back, she could hardly distinguish between the facts and the fancies across the years. Furthermore, in the process of learning new things, she had forgotten many important incidents and experiences of her childhood. Birth of Helen Helen Adams Keller was born on a plantation called Ivy Green in Tuscumbia, Alabama, on June 27, 1880. She was the eldest daughter of Captain Arthur H. Keller, a former officer of the Confederate Army, and Kate Adams. Helen was named…

Helen Keller Study Journal

1. Consider the differences between reading a play and seeing one performed. What are some of the advantages of reading a play? What are some of the advantages of seeing the play performed? 2. Answer: I find it harder to read the play rather than seeing it performed, the reason I say this is because when you read it you read everything including what all the players are supposed to perform. So basically to me it’s like I’m acting like all of the characters at once. It’s easier for me to comprehend a play when I see one live rather than myself reading one. The advantages of reading the play are that you can reread it if you get lost…