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Helen Essay Topics & Paper Examples

All Conflict in Literature Is, in Its Simplest Form, a Struggle Between Good and Evil

“All conflict in literature is, in its simplest form, a struggle between good and evil. ” This statement means that all the themes and struggles in literature, when broken down to their most simplest forms, are a conflict between good and evil. Usually in conflicts, there are two sides that fight over one thing. One side is considered good, while the other side is considered bad. The people that are good do it for the right thing while the people that are bad do it for the wrong reasons. This is considered to be in every conflict when carefully analyzed. This statement is not valid because a conflict does not have to be about good and evil. A conflict can…

Greek Mythology

Odysseus was considered to be the epitome of what a Greek man should strive to be. He was a courageous and clever warrior who earned arete through his feats during the Trojan War. The ancient Achaean male modeled themselves after great men like Odysseus, but the real question is who do Greek woman model themselves after. Clytemnestra’s plight and eventual death is a perfect example of how married women were expected act compared to married men. Also, women like Penelope in The Odyssey were criticized for being untruthful, but men like Odysseus were praised for exceptional cunning in the same epic poem. Calypso is a goddess who is aware of these double standards and makes an eloquent plea to the…