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Hector Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Achilles – Greek Mythology

Ancient Greeks lived a very unique lifestyle in their times. They knew no one of Greece. This helped them to live by their own ways and not follow anything that happened outside of Greece because they simply could not. In parts of Greek mythology gods could not interfere with fate and gods intervened directly in mortals lives. There were many examples of these things happening. One aspect learned in the Voyage of Odysseus was gods could not interfere with fate. There were many encounters where fate overpowered gods in Greek mythology. For example, what happened with Polyphemus and Odysseus. Odysseus hurt Polyphemus by tricking him into drinking too much which left him unconscious and defenseless. Odysseus took advantage of this…

Relationship between Father and Son

Father and son relationships in The Iliad are not like you would see in America or in our culture today, but there is still a developed love for one another. Priam and Hector had a very strong and admirable relationship, yet it didn’t come from seeing each other every day. Fatherly affection is not touchy-feely, nor is it necessarily given unconditionally or freely. Rather, a son must earn his father’s respect and admiration, and it is by leaving home and fighting his own battles that the son is able to get this. They spent more time apart then they did together. The distance they spent from each other only made their admiration grow stronger. This relationship is unique, and plays…

Malouf Demonstrates That a Leap of Faith Is Essential for Success

Malouf demonstrates that often, a leap of faith is essential for success in life. Do you agree? In David Malouf’s modern re-telling of Homer’s Illiad, the development of the characters in achieving catharsis and discovery of self is explored. Malouf demonstrates that a leap of faith is often essential for success in life. The leaps of faith are defined within the contexts of the characters that are making this leap. As fate is traditionally accepted in the Illiad, Malouf’s retelling shows that the leap of faith to defy this norm and take chances can lead to personal success. Malouf also demonstrates that exploring realms of the new can lead to discovery of self; a goal in life that some characters…