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Heater Essay Topics & Paper Examples


As the name implies, heaters are those thermostatically controlled devices that are employed for heating matter i.e. solid, liquid and gas. In the past, humans could not think of the ease to cook, wash, manufacture, melt, wash, which is present these days. The availability of clean water is possible due to the arrival of heaters. The modernization in industrial sector became possible due to the complex heating units functioning day and night. From domestic usage of washing, bathing, cooking, drinking, space-heating, to offices, from commercial utilization to car-heating, and of course, the processing and manufacturing in industrial setting, the heating has brought convenience never imagined. Also with the inception of HVAC technology (Heating Ventilating and Air-Conditioning), heaters have been extensively…

Stone Therapy Treatments -Understand How to use Stone Therapy Treatments

References – IHM (Indian Head Massage), BM (Body Massage), AM (Pre Blended Aromatherapy Oil Massage, HSM (Hot Stone Massage) Knowledge – B24 – Outcome 10 – HSM UNDERSTAND HOW TO USE STONE THERAPY EQUIPMENT a. Explain the types of safe, purpose-built stone heating equipment and how to use and position them safely. Hot stone heaters do vary with each manufacturer and all heaters operate in different ways. Some may take longer to heat up in relation to the water capacity (the larger the heater capacity in litres, the longer it take to heat) depending upon the size bought, that varies depending upon the number of stones to be heated. It is important to use stone heating equipment that has been…