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Health Organization Case Study Essay

One of the key success factors for reengineering in health care is the ability of the nursing leader or manager to redefine their organizations in terms of process. Health care reengineering is a powerful practice that helps organizations reorder priorities, provide more cost-effective care, and increase value to patients. Reengineering is not a solution, it is a critical core competency and essential skill for health care organizations if they are to succeed under managed care in future. Therefore in order for reengineering to be effective a nurse leader or manager must play a vital part in the process. They must combine strong leadership with clinical expertise and good business sense in order to be effective. Nursing leader must use the skills acquired to enhance to allocate resources for the benefit of patient care.

Nurse leaders must have ability to learn and use new health care concepts quickly and should be able to access and integrate these concepts effectively. The role of a nurse leader in the reengineering health care involves the use of interpersonal skills, such as the ability to communicate effectively or be collaborative, to influence fellow members of the nursing staff to accomplish goals regarding patient care. Clearly, the nurse leaders are in the position to take a greater role in the planning process for their organizations and they must be able to make informed decisions, implement successfully and also evaluate and modify their action plans.


Huber, D. (2010). Leadership and Nursing Care Management. (4th ed.). Maryland Heights, MO: Saunders Elsevier

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