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Health Club Essay

Health clubs have sprouted everywhere to offer alternatives to the traditional gym set-up.  Health clubs provide not just exercise equipments but health and fitness programs as well.  In this regard, the manifest functions of a health club include:

– providing an exercise venue;

– providing a comprehensive health and fitness program;

– promoting general well being through exercise and fitness routines.

As the name implies, a health club’s most evident function is keeping its members healthy and the club does it through the most natural means of keeping fit; that is, by exercising and following a healthy lifestyle.  Health clubs do not offer artificial means of trimming down and toning the body.  If a fat person wants to lower his weight, he has to train his body instead of drinking diet pills.  Aside from the exercise equipment, a health club has sports facilities and exercise classes to help its members achieve a balanced and monitored fitness program.

Meanwhile, a health club also has latent functions that are not readily evident to people.  These include:

– providing a venue for a family to spend bonding time;

– a potential ground for networking;

– promoting good health and healthy living not just among its members but the country as a whole; and

– helping the people and the government save on health care costs;

A health club is a good place for a family to go.  Becoming fit together is a good way for family to spend time together.  A health club also provides people with new acquaintances that they can possibly have business with in the future.  By promoting healthy living, a health club keeps the people from getting sick.  This means a lot of savings on hospitalization and health care costs.

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