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Health and Social Care Essay

1.1 People communicate to express needs and feelings, to ask questions, to build relationships, socialize and share experiences.

1.2 Effective communication effects all aspects of my own work,supports the development of my own knowledge and skills, prevents misunderstanding, helps to build trust and supports the development of effective relationships.

1.3 It is important to observe an individuals reactions when communicating with them so that I know if I am being understood and that I am getting the message or information across. For example verbal and non-verbal, tone, pitch, or silence, facial expressions, eye contact or body language.

Be able to reduce barriers to communication.

3.1 Barriers to effective communication could be health conditions, learning disabilities, attitudes, aggression, background or culture of an individual, sensory impairment, use of language not appropriate of age/stage of development or enviromental factors like poor lighting or noise.

3.4 Sources of information and support could be a translation service, interpretting service, speech and language services, advocacy services or third party services such as the royal institute for deaf people.

Be able to apply principles and practices relating to confidentiality at work.

4.1 The term confidentiality means whatever information you give will not be shared or passed on.

4.3 Confidential information may sometimes need to be passed on for example when someone could be at risk of harm or abuse or suspected abuse this is call whistle-blowing.

4.4 To seek help reguarding confidentiality I would speak to my manager and seek consent on the procedures.

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