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Harlem Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Faith and Community in Italian Harlem

Orsi argues that, for the people of Italian Harlem, the “sacred” was located in the home, the domus, which was “sacred space” (Orsi 105). The domus, or family, was where vales were learned, where Italian Americans developed their sense of self. Family, they were taught, was what distinguished them from non-Italian Americans, “Blood” was the “spiritual expression of value” which expressed itself through “family solidarity and loyalty” (Orsi 85). To “violate” blood bond resulted in “disaster” and led to expulsion from the domus. Expulsion from the domus “meant exclusion from the deepest sources of self” (Orsi 83). The domus was the “heart of Harlem, the foundation of its culture” (Orsi 75). The deepest values of the domus were family solidarity,…

Harlem a Dream Deferred –Explanation

The poem by Langston talks about the fate of dreams that are never fulfilled. The poem is a metaphorical depiction of the disappointment of the ‘black population’ in Harlem. In the poem the dream refers to the hopes of the black people which were opportunity, better living conditions & freedom from racism. However the expectations were dashed by conditions of overpopulation & exploitation. In the poem, Langston describes the fate of an unfulfilled dream by comparing it to a raisin that shrivels in the sun and ultimately disappears. Here the Sun represents time. The unfulfilled dream may become a sickening reminder of ones failure by ‘stinking like rotten meat’ or it may just crust over with sugar. This last statement…