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Essay on the the Secret Book

According to recent studies, self-help books – non-fiction books that offer advice for behavior modification and make explicit promises for positive change – have doubled as a percentage of all book titles since the 1970s. The increasing popularity of self-help books is an indicator of the modern society’s quest to maximize personal happiness through a process of self-discovery. Self-help books are a response to a real and genuine hunger for psychological understanding and self-improvement and are part of the larger market of advice media. Readers buy self-help books seeking self-control – both as a good-faith attempt to increase their self-control and to elicit a temporary sensation that, in fact, the first step toward self-control has already been taken. And of…

Xerox: Book-in-Time

Break-even AnalysisThe break-even point for a Book-In-Time process cannot be measured in terms of time. Assuming the book can be manufactured to make a certain margin, there would be no need to sell a certain amount of books. The only cost that you could analyze using break-even would be the cost of the equipment needed to print on demand. Assuming that a book company can sell a typical 300 page paperback book for $25, it would take close to one million books to break-even on the cost of all the equipment. However, this is based on two assumptions. The first is that the equipment purchased can help save space, building rents, and overall indirect overhead so that it would total…