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Hannibal Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Hannibal’s final

Hannibal, Muammar Gaddafi’s fifth born son was arrested on July 2008 in one of Geneva’s luxury hotels. Hannibal had gone to Switzerland to visit Max Goeldi, a Swiss businessman who was serving a castigatory sentence at Al-Jadaida prison. The press of these two states reported the unfolding story in two different ways in which each exposed the wrongdoing of different parties in this case. According to Le Matin, a Swiss daily, Hannibal was arrested after being accused of causing bodily harm to two-hotel waiters while in company of his wife (AFP). Consequently, the Swiss citizens living in Libya were vetoed from leaving the country. Besides, they were charged with manipulations of their visas and this bore them a jail sentence…

Disorganized and Organized Killers

Many researchers have studied the fascinating yet horrifying world of serial murderers. The discoveries made since the phrase “serial killers” was coined, have amazed society. Despite all the knowledge discovered related to this topic, much more still needs to be disclosed. One of the main points investigators have hoped to understand is how some of the perpetrators of these serial killings have integrated so well with the neighboring communities. In contrast with these “smart killers” there are those serial killers who are socially inept, who find it difficult to make friends or to communicate due to their low intelligence rate. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has categorized serial murderers in two subsets: organized and disorganized. The organized killers are viewed…