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Hand washing Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The principles of infection prevention and control

Outcome 1 Understand roles and responsibilities in the prevention and control of infections 1.The main roles and responsibilities of the employee in relation to prevention and control of infection are as follows: To use protective clothing when needed to stop cross contamination. This includes gloves, aprons and masks. To wash hands regularly and effectively. This needs to be done after handling food, personal care, toileting etc. To ensure your health doesn’t pose a risk to others. This can be if you have been vomiting, cold symptoms etc. To avoid cross contamination. To ensure your hygiene is good at all times as not to pose a risk to others by passing on germs and cross contaminating. 2.The main roles and responsibilities…

Infection control

Control of infection is very important specially on a care homes because I as a healthcare service provider is working on vulnerable adults or old people, it is important because older people are more prone to infection due to decrease in their immune system, which means their immune system is weakly functioning and because of that they are prone to different types of illnesses and diseases. I as a key people is responsible for their health and protect them from any harm, we could prevent the spread of infection by doing the proper infection control guidelines such as wearing our Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE) and dispose it in a proper yellow bag, keeping all the toiletries away from the…

Infection prevention and control of infections

Understanding roles and responsibilities An employee must maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and also health. They should be aware of the company policies and procedures when it comes to infection control and follow the best practice in prevention. The working environment needs to be kept clean and hygienic. Any risks should be reported to the employer. Keep all training in infection control and prevention up to date. An employer should insist that all laws and regulations in the workplace are followed. Risk assessments are needed so as to identify and minimise the impact of infection hazards. Company policies and procedures need to be out lined and put in place. The employer must provide equipment to prevent and control…