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Hancock Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Hancock & film

Hancock is a film starred by Will Smith as Hancock himself. This film separates itself from the rest of the films for it is an unconventional story of a super hero. The media has instilled in its audience that as a superhero, one must be a good role model. He should be, if not perfect at all, at least close to being one. And yet, this film is a story of the superhero who was a drunkard and undisciplined and selfish man. He seemed ordinary. It was hard to somehow believe that he can save lives. That was what was special about this film. It created a new image of a superhero. It showed a different angle on creating a…

Analysis of Hancock

From a personal perspective, the movie means that any person can be a hero as long as he/she desires to become one. Each one can contribute in his/her small way to do noble deeds which can make the world a better place to live in. At first, everybody hated Hancock, and nobody believed that he could be a good guy because of so many misdeeds he has committed. However, it took only one person to appreciate him and his efforts, for him to realize that he can be transformed and become a well-loved superhero in Los Angeles. The movie Hancock is the story of a different kind of superhero portrayed by Will Smith. Hancock is different in that, he becomes…