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Han Dynasty Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Chinese History: The Han Dynasty

The Han Dynasty was founded by Liu Bang in 206 BCE. He came of peasant stock and rose to power slowly from being a petty government official to the role of emperor. Liu Bang ruled China for eleven years with felicity and wisdom. He was intelligent and sought to win over the elder statesmen by promising to eliminate all the harsh laws of the Qin government. His experience as the “neighborhood head” (Hansen 114) had given him the opportunity to be familiar with the legal system of the Qin Dynasty and he made full use of this knowledge to establish a rule of prosperity and leave a long line of rulers who ruled for four hundred years in China. This…

The Song Dynasty: Interactions

The Song set up supervised markets along the border to encourage trade between them and its neighbors. In 971CE the government established the first Maritime Trade Supervisorate followed by four others. Its roles included the taxation of imported goods, government purchase and sale of imported goods, and to issue foreign trade permits for local merchants. Chinese goods that flowed north in large quantities included tea, silk, copper coins, paper and printed books etc. The return flow included horses that Song needed desperately for its armies but also other animals and goods that had traveled across the Silk Road. There was also vigorous sea trade with Korea, Japan and lands to the southwest. During Song times this maritime trade for the…