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Hammurabi’s Law Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Laws of Manu vs Code of Hammurabi

The Laws of Manu and The Code of Hammurabi were both discovered documents of two different ancient civilizations. These documents basically told the people of the civilizations what is expected of them and what will happen if they don’t follow them. The Laws of Manu were the laws made for the people of India while the Code of Hammurabi were the laws made for the people of Babylon. Both the Laws of Manu and the Code of Hammurabi concentrated a majority on the aspects of marriage, family, and laws of the land. In my opinion, The Code of Hammurabi was harsher than The Laws of Manu. The Code of Hammurabi was for all the people no matter what class they…

Hammurabi’s Law

“If anyone brings an accusation against a man and the accused goes to the river and leap into the river, if he sinks in the river, his accuser shall take possession of his house. But if the river proves that the accused is not guilty and he escapes unhurt, then he who had brought the accusation shall be put to death, while he who leaped into the river shall take possession of the house that had belonged to his accuser”. This law implies that if a person laid charges and could not substantiate the guilt of the accused, then the accused plunged into the river. If guilty, the accused drowned into the river. On the other hand, the river could…