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Halakha Essay Topics & Paper Examples

BIBL 104 study guide – mobule 5

Harbin: Chapter 14 1.How did Rehoboam manage to lose most of his kingdom? Rehoboam managed to lose most of his kingdom because he refused to cut taxes and threatened to raise them. P284 2.Why is Asa viewed as a good king but given a mixed review? Asa was viewed as a good king but given mixed reviews because the lacked spiritual sensitivity, he lack complete trust in God to assist with the attack on Baasha in the Northern Kingdom. P286-287 3.How did Jehoshaphat show piety on the one hand but political naiveté on the other? Jehosphat showed piety by fortifying the country and went through the land removing pagan shrines that had either not been removed by Asa or had…

Cultural Diversity College Essay

1. The University of Washington seeks to create a community of students richly diverse in cultural backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints. How would you contribute to this community?-University of Washington, Seattle I, a culturally influenced young woman, have not only one, but two influential ways to contribute to your diverse university. As a Jewish Caucasian girl, I am here to throw stereotypical beliefs down the drain towards any culture. I am a blonde, blue eyed, 18 year old who not only grew up orthodox, but also has a half Christian family. I do not have a dozen brothers and sisters, an abnormally large nose, or for that matter, any money to spare whatsoever. I grew up with married parents, and when…