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Hair paper Essay

The nails and part of the hair are made of a durable, extensively cross-linked protein called hard ____. 2. A hair grows in a diagonal epithelial tube called a ____.

3. Coarse, pigmented hair is called ____, whereas most of the body hair of women and children is called ____. Most of the hair within this tube is called the root, but it has a dilation at its base called the ____, where it derives all its nutrition from blood capillaries.

4. The surface of a hair consists of scaly, overlapping cells called the hair ____. Most hair colors are due to melanin, but red hair gets its color from a pigment called ____.

5. Chills and fear often cause the hair to stand on end because of the action of the ____muscles of the hair follicles.

6. Excessive hairiness is called hypertrichosis, while thinning of the hair is called ____. . Sweat glands are also known as _sudoriferous___ glands.

One type, called ____ glands, serve for evaporative cooling of the body, while the other type, called ____ glands, are scent glands. One place where the latter type can be found is the ____ region. 2. We lose about half a liter of water a day by ____ perspiration, which we don’t notice because it evaporates immediately from the skin. More profuse sweating, with noticeable wetness, is called ____. 3. Associated with the hair follicles are holocrine glands called ____, which produce a skin oil called ____. 4. Earwax, or _cerumen___, consists mainly of the secretions of the _ceruminous gland___ glands in the ear canal. 5. The mammary____ glands are modified sweat glands that show significant development only in pregnancy and maternity.

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