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Hadith Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Aisha Bint Abi Bakr

The life of Aisha is proof that a woman can be far more well informed than men and that she was the teacher of scholars and experts. Her life is also proof that a woman can exert influence over men and women as well as provide them with inspiration and leadership. She did not graduate from any university, there were no universities as such in her day, but her utterances are still studied in the faculties of literature, her legal pronouncements are studied in colleges of law and her life and works are studied and researched by students and teachers of Muslim history as they have been for over thousands of years. The majority of her immense treasure of knowledge…

Hijab and Islam

There are so many topics in Islam that fascinate me but the one that always inquires my desire to learn more is the topic of women and Hijab. There are many views with regard to Hijab in Islam from the Muslims themselves. The issue of Hijab can be analyzed from several perspectives. Firstly, the Islamic view on Hijab, the importance and benefits to society at large and the world view of Hijab and the women wearing Hijab living in the Western hemisphere. However, some Muslim women believe that the wearing of the Hijab is the right and the choice of the Muslim woman. They are not forced or pressured to wear a veil and they are not forced to cover…