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Hacking Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Hacking: Identity Theft and Information

This paper will discuss accounting information system attacks and failures: who to blame. I am also going to discuss the following related topics in the following order: Firstly, I will take a position on whether a company and its management team should or should not be held liable for losses sustained in a successful attack made on their AIS by outside source. Secondly, I will suggest who should pay for the losses, to whom, and state why. Thirdly, I will give my opinion regarding the role, if any; the federal government should have deciding and enforcing remedies and punishment. Finally, I will evaluate how AIS can contribute or not to contribute to the losses. A Company and its Management Team…

Hacking is Stealing

Hacking started in the ‘70s when a group of friends decided to tap into phone lines and make calls for free. Those people were called Phone Phreaks, a group of young men who twisted technology and used their technological know-how to create simpler solutions to complicated problems. What started as an intrinsically good past time slowly became a form of pranksterism. The Phone Phreaks soon held phone conferences from everywhere in the world. However, Telephone companies were less than delighted, and phone tapping became a crime. As more and more Phone Phreaks got persecuted for these crimes, the movement stopped, and the Phone Phreaks were almost of the extrinct race. However, the sensibilities of trying to one-up learned engineers and…