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Hacking Essay Topics & Paper Examples

What is ethical hacking?

With the increase of the Internet, computer security has become a main issue for governments and businesses. They want to be capable to take benefit of the Internet for electronic commerce, marketing, data distribution and access, and other pursuits, but they are concerned about the likelihood of being “hacked. ” At the same time, the potential clientele of these services are concerned about maintaining control of private information that varies from credit card numbers to social security numbers and residential addresses. (Simpson, 2005). In their hunt for a way to approach the issue, organizations came to understand that one of the best ways to appraise the intruder threat to their interests would be to have sovereign computer security professionals attempt…

Hacking: Identity Theft and Information

This paper will discuss accounting information system attacks and failures: who to blame. I am also going to discuss the following related topics in the following order: Firstly, I will take a position on whether a company and its management team should or should not be held liable for losses sustained in a successful attack made on their AIS by outside source. Secondly, I will suggest who should pay for the losses, to whom, and state why. Thirdly, I will give my opinion regarding the role, if any; the federal government should have deciding and enforcing remedies and punishment. Finally, I will evaluate how AIS can contribute or not to contribute to the losses. A Company and its Management Team…

Hacking is Stealing

Hacking started in the ‘70s when a group of friends decided to tap into phone lines and make calls for free. Those people were called Phone Phreaks, a group of young men who twisted technology and used their technological know-how to create simpler solutions to complicated problems. What started as an intrinsically good past time slowly became a form of pranksterism. The Phone Phreaks soon held phone conferences from everywhere in the world. However, Telephone companies were less than delighted, and phone tapping became a crime. As more and more Phone Phreaks got persecuted for these crimes, the movement stopped, and the Phone Phreaks were almost of the extrinct race. However, the sensibilities of trying to one-up learned engineers and…