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Haas and Flower Reading Response Essay

“If readers construct the meaning of texts, how does information transmission work?” Through constructing the meaning of texts, a reader can interpret and summarize chunks of writing into something that is already processed by the reader. Personally, I know that if I begin reading a piece of text that I have never researched or learned in the past, obviously I cannot make an information transmission.

On the other hand, when I read a piece of material that I’ve learned in the past, it helps me to fully interpret and think critically on the topic. If a reader can complete a create a connection between past learning and the newer topic, the reader can construct a personal judgment or opinion. The reader’s thesis is then developed and the reader can fully absorb and accomplish what is a “good read.”

“What kinds of knowledge did you bring to this article that helped you make sense of it?” The information I brought to the article was really a collection of teachings I received through high school. The knowledge to re-read text if I don’t fully comprehend the author’s point. Also the ability to stop and evaluate the text to figure out what Haas and Flower were trying to explain.

I received fairly intensive English courses in high school, from which I was able to transmission my past lessons to the text Haas and Flower presented. Without trying to sound repetitive, I was able to pick apart phrases of the text that I simply didn’t understand, even by rereading, and use the context to help make snese of the wording Haas and Flower use.

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