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Guyana Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Comparison Between Comercial Arable Farming in Canada and Guyana

Commercial arable farming is a system of farming carried out on a very large scale, it is the extensive cultivation of usually one crop for sale in order for large profits (Monoculture). Some examples of crops that are associated with commercial arable farming are tobacco in Cuba, sugarcane in Barbados and Cotton in India. Guyana, a Caribbean territory located between Venezuela and Suriname in South America practices arable farming on a large scale. Their crop/product for export is lumber, simply because forests are the most abundant resource in Guyana. They cover about 80% of the country. These forests range from dry evergreen and seasonal forests to evergreen rainforests. These trees (which the lumber comes from) grow in the forests areas…

Jonestown and Jim Jones

Jonestown and its leader, Jim Jones Behind every religious or social movement is the leader that created it. James “Jim” Warren Jones was the father of the “People’s Temple” turned “Jonestown”. The lifetime of the movement created by Jim Jones started with bright beginnings and concluded with a dark end. It was filled with impressive expressions of faith and sinister examples of control. One cannot help to ask what it was that created the man who started it all and how did it arrive at its abrupt end? Jim Jones was born on May 13, 1931 in a rural area of Randolph County, Indiana. His mother, Lynetta Putnam Jones, believed she had in fact given birth to a Messiah, foreshadowing…