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Gustave Flaubert Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary

Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary is undoubtedly one of the most controversial works in its age due to the immoral nature of its protagonist, Emma Bovary. Emma passes with good reason for one of the most powerful portraits of a woman in fiction, the most living and truest to life where sentimental young woman whose foolishly romantic ideas on life and love, cause her to become dissatisfied with her humdrum husband and the circumstances of her married life. Her feeling of disillusionment led her first into two desperate hopeless love affairs, and then to an agonizing and ugly death from arsenic. Emma is first and foremost, a person of sensuous nature, and more a romantic. Her sensuality is combined with vulgar…

Plot Summary (The Kugelmass Episode)

“The Kugelmass Episode” opens with Kugelmass, a middle-aged, unhappily married humanities professor seeking the advice of his analyst, Dr. Mandel. He is bored with his life, and he needs to have an affair. His analyst disagrees, however, telling him “there is no overnight cure” for his troubles, adding that he is “an analyst, not a magician.” Kugelmass then seeks out a magician to help him solve his problem. A few weeks later, he gets a call from The Great Persky, a two-bit magician/entertainer who shows him a “cheap-looking Chinese cabinet, badly lacquered” that can transport the professor into any book, short story, play, or poem to meet the woman character of his choice. When he has had enough, Kugelmass just…