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Guidelines Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Abstract-writing guidelines

An abstract allows the author to communicate to his audience the critical information of his original research in a concise manner. Foote (2006) and December and Katz (nd) recommend that in writing a good abstract, it should contain four elements – background or objectives, methods, results and conclusion. The background highlights the research questions and/or hypotheses, the methods describe the study population, data gathering techniques and statistical analysis. The results indicate the most pertinent findings and should contain actual data (Maughan 2001) and illustrative examples. The conclusion summarizes the findings and implications of the study (Rooryck & van Heuven 2003). The abstract should be between 100 and 250 words (Foote 2006, Shannon 2000, Guidelines for writing an abstract n. d….

Guidelines to anthropology influenced

Durkheim tells that ‘social facts’ means nothing but sociological data. These facts are normal ways of thoughts and acting each member of society feels forced to conform. In these facts personal qualities of individuals are irrelevant. These ‘facts’ belong to the whole of thoughts, sentiments and actions; these cannot be reduced for the individuals in whose behavior they manifest themselves. In terms of individual psychology, collective believes and behavior can’t be explained by some tokens. Durkheim states that individuals want new social psychology, for only the social can explain the social. Durkheim persist that to understand on set of social phenomena, kinship and marriage are to be understood in field of economics, religion etc. This is the essence of functionalism….