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Guidance Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Sample Acknowledgement

The success of this study required the help of various individuals. Without them, the researchers might not meet their objectives in doing this study. The researchers want to give gratitude to the following people for their invaluable help and support: To Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, for giving the wisdom, strength, support and knowledge in exploring things; for the guidance is helping surpass all the trials that the researchers encountered and for giving determination to pursue their studies and to make this study possible; To their parents, for giving support and encouragement to pursue their study, for giving love and time for their children; To Dr. Corazon D. Atilares, their kind, responsible and understanding adviser, who was always there…

Record Management System

A student record is about any written information about the students. Student records are often viewed as paperwork produced for the education accreditations. However, a well-designed student record system, whether using paper documents or automated systems, produce many benefits. The most important of these is the ability to report information for decision making about individual students, school and programs. A second benefit, particularly with automated systems, is efficiency in processing and exchanging student records among schools. The focus on student outcomes and records has been a burden to our school, for them to monitor well the information and the performance of the students. Various student records, data and information were required to have proper organization and management to provide sustainable…