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Guernica Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Analysis of piccasso’s “guernica”

The piece is made up of light and dark objects. The objects in stark white are the ones that are immediately observed. The first thing that was noticed in this piece was the head of the bull-like animal. From there the eye of the viewer seems to be directed towards the woman and her child, the horse-like animal and the figure on the floor is noticed in the end. The light bulb and the candle emerge later. The piece seems to have been organized along the direction of the viewer’s eye-movement. Each figure leads the eye to the next figure. The bull and the lady with her child seem to be the focal points in the piece. It is interesting…

Guernica and the Torture of Politics

When Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) painted Guernica (1) in 1937, the painting was not only a pictorial documentation on the horrors that took place on a small Basque town in northern Spain on April 26th, 1937, but a testament to the tragedy of all war that humankind wages upon itself. Picasso says he created the painting to bring the world’s attention to the Spanish civil war and to General Franco’s unusually cruel tactics to try and win this war. In the case of Guernica, this painting has monumental political significance and is still viewed today as greatest anti-war symbol of our time. This massive, mural- sized painting (11 ft. tall by 25 ft. wide) is painted in oil and currently on…