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Growing Up in the City or the Contryside Essay

While many people , including some educators and social scientists, agree that the countryside is better for the health and physical development of children, i believe that growing up in a big city provides children with more advantages than in the countryside. This is because children can receive more chances for better educations and cultural experiences if they grow up in an urban setting in comparison with growing up in the countryside.

Living in a big city almost guarantees children a better chance of receiving a better education than in the countryside. It only stands to reason that more populated areas will be equipped with more schools and facilities that support them such as large libraries , museums , zoos and other educational establishments that can assist children in their overall education . Parents can choose where to send their children to school based upon their own set of requirements and special needs or abilities of the children. In contrast, the children living in the countryside normally have few , if any, choices concerning where they will attend school and the educational facilities mentioned above as far and few between.

In addition to a better variety of educational opportunities ,children can learn through more cultural experiences when growing up in a big city. Since cities are busy places with events always going on , on the weekends children can have the opportunity to attend concerts or recitals ,view exhibits in museums and cultural cultural centers and exposed to many different kinds of people with different backgrounds. On the other hand, children in the countryside are very limited as to their exposure to cultural events and the types of people they see. Seldom do they ever even enter a museum or come into contract with people from different themselves . This can limit their knowledge and view of people outside their communities.

To conclude, while the countryside surely provides benefits such as cleaner air, less noise and a calmer lifestyle , the benefits of living in a big city far outweigh those of living in the countryside . This is due to the fact that children can gain a better education and more cultural experiences when they grow up in a big city.

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