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Growing concern about the climate and peak oil Essay

It is not easy to read and understand for the general public because of the following reasons. First, some technical terms have been used, for the general public to read and understand about peak oil and climate changes, the use of technical terms should be avoided or reduced. But in cases where they must be used they should be well defined. Some terms make it difficult for a layman to understand. It is not easy for the general public to read and understand because they need proper introduction about climate and peak oil. A clear introduction about the climate should be well covered.

Also an elaborate introduction of peak oil should be well brought out. Some people need no to strain at understanding more about peak oil and climate. The general public needs also a brief introduction of what they can do in their lifestyle to reduce the carbon foot prints. The general public can not read and understand about peak oil and climate because clear and straight forward examples have not been used. For the general public to read and understand about peak oil and climate they should be referred to examples that are common and found within their reach.

It might not be easy to read and understand for the illiterate class. Some people are old and illiterate. Some of these people can be in a position of offering a solution about peak oil and climate to reduce carbon foot prints. So as to involve the, this issue should be translated to all languages that the concerned parties can easily read and understand or trainers who are competent should be employed to explain to the illiterate class what this organization is all about. This publication about climate and peak oil is long and detailed. It controls some information that is not relevant to the general public.

For the general public to read and understand about peak oil and climate a short, clear and brief publication on for the general public should be produce. Some people usually visit the websites after work. By they have work and they are now exhausted. For them to clearly follow and understand a short and brief document. For the general public another short and clear publication should be produced. This publication has involved many things starting from job vacancies about transition training that might not be of great use to some other people. For some other people thy will loose interest before finishing to read.

The general public cannot clearly understand this issue because some simple and clear diagrams have not been used. For the general public to clearly understand about peak oil and be used. By the use of diagrams it will be easy for the general public to understand. Instead of using so many words to explain a simple issue a simple diagram should be use. Some essential issues are missing in this publication. Since this publication is dealing more about climate changes the negative effects of climate changes should be clearly explained to the general public.

By explaining to the general public about the effects of climate changes they will be in a position of taking the necessary measures of monitoring the climate. Without the general public understanding about the side effects of climate change efforts cannot be mode in changing the lifestyles to reduce carbon footprints. Therefore for the general public should clearly understand the negative side effects associated with no maintaining the climate. The general public should be made aware the importance of maintaining the climate.

They should be made aware that by maintaining the climate properly they there will be any changes to the living conditions of plants and animals. By making the general public aware of the importance of maintaining the normal climate conditions they will know what they are working for. But without this they will not fully know what is required from them. The cumulative effects of climate change to the future generation should be well show, for example due to climatic changes some spices of plants and animals will be extinct.

They will disappear completely. Effects of climate changes to the ecosystem should be well elaborated. For their to be normal life the ecosystem must be well maintained. This should be clearly shown for the general public to see the importance of maintaining the climate. The impact of climate change to the world at large has not been shown. This world is global village what happens here can affect somebody far away. The general public should know that this world is one and any action carried out can affect them.

By making the general public aware that we are all staying in a global village they will take extra care to matters affecting the climate. They will ensure that they do the right thing. Because of the do not do what is required somebody else somewhere will also pay for it. Also teachings of the effects of carbon related gases are missing. The general public should be made aware why they should change their lifestyles so as to reduce carbon footprints. The effects of carbon related gases to our bodies should be well explained and illustrated to the general public at large.

For example when carbon monoxide gases enter to our body it competes to oxygen which is very risky to human beings. After the general public has been related gases they will be in a position of eliminating or reducing the quantity that was being produced previously. Steps of reducing the quantity of carbon related gases that re being produced should be well introduced. The steps that should be taken to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide being produced should be clearly, explained to the general public. For example the buying of vehicles with cathartic convertors.

Other essential issues are also missing. This include incentives given to trainers to motivate them to enable them train more people efficiently. Incentives that will motivate workers like good salary, good working conditions have not been shown. For the trainers to do quality and efficient work they need some motivation. They should be given incentives that will drive them to visit and train as many groups of people as possible. Without this they will only report to work but do a poor job. Also to create more awareness about reducing carbon footprints other cheaper methods should be use.

Like printing of small newsletters leaflets and newspapers which should be given direct to people. The newspapers should be affordable to the low class group of people. The use of text books only will limit the poor people from getting this essential message. These newsletters and leaflets should be written in a simple and clear language. They should be easily available to all groups of people; they should also be given free to people. These leaflets should show the need of maintaining the climate and why carbon foot prints should be reduced.

HOW TO START IMPLEMENTING THE CONCERN ABOUT THE CLIMATE AND PEAK OIL IN MY COMMUNITY I will start implementing this in my community by:- First contacting the local administration to inform them the existence of the group. I will visit the local administrator and inform him about our group, what we do, our mission, our vision, our future plans. I will ensure that our mission is well and clearly explained to eh local administrator. This will avoid future contradictions. I will also spell out the vision of our group in a way that is clear.

Also I will state clearly what the future plans of our group are. I will state both short and long-term plans of the group. The goals that we set to achieve will also be well explained and elaborated to our local administrator. By making our vision, mission, goals and future plans clear to the local administrator then our group will be assured of starting well. We will also spell out any problem that we are likely to encounter to our local administrator. We shall also ask for any assistance to give to us, for example funds are likely to one of the main problem.

We will apply for bursaries and loans from our local authorities. Transportation is likely to be a serious problem that we will also address to enable us move from one place to another in order to ensure that our group starts working in order to achieve its goals. The second step is ensuring that our group is registered. Ones we have fulfilled the necessary requirements then we will register our group it will enable us to get assistance from the government and other interested parties. Then I will ensure that our group is legal. This will assist us to do our activities in a transparent manner.

The next step is to ensure that our group has a permanent residence. We will organize and buy a plot for building our houses. After buying a plot we will construct houses that will be enough for us to do all our activities for the start before building our own houses we will hire one. We will have a permanent office, address, email address and website. This will promote our group to be widely known and communication will be made easier. Our group will also employ experienced and competent staff. By employing an experienced staff our work will be done with ease.

We will form many groups to ensure that more people have been reached. We will form groups in churches, schools and at community level. All this groups should understand the side effects of climate change and peak oil and measures they will do about their own lifestyles to reduce their carbon footprints. By the use of leaflets this groups will be motivated to reach all the concerned in ensuring that carbon emissions are reduced as much as possible. Then we will prepare a timetable to what should be carried out during specific days. HOW TO START IMPLEMENTING THIS IN MY COMMUNITY

Awareness creation: To implement climate and peak oil matters in the community so as to change the lifestyle of people in order to reduce carbon foot prints. There is need for awareness creation. Creation awareness the following will be involved. Conducting of seminars; Seminars will be conducted periodically. Though this seminars the community will be taught more about the climate and peak oil. People will be encouraged to carry out measures of reducing carbon footprints. They will be also be allowed to ask any questions that re likely to implement climate matters.

Talking to individual groups; To implement climate and peak oil matters various groups need to be visited and taught on how to reduce carbon foot prints. Groups will be formed in schools, churches and at community level. All this groups should be made to understand the need to reducing carbon emissions, its dangers and side effects. Training our own teachers; In order to implement climate and peak oil issues in our community we will train our teachers. Our teachers will be taught on how to train people, how to motivate the community to take climate and peak oil matters seriously.

Our teachers will be able to monitor and supervise all matters that pertain to the climate and peak oil. The teachers will also evaluate recommend and approve any research carried out on peak oil and climate matters. Through songs and dances and games the community will be encouraged to form songs that promote peak oil and climate issues. Within these songs the side effect of carbon emissions should be brought out clearly. These songs should encourage people to change their lifestyles in order to reduce their carbon footprints. Through the use of songs, many people will be reached more people will then be reached.

Through use of songs more people will take this message seriously. Also games activities like football should be organized so as to gather large clouds of people. Before or after these marches people should be taught on climate and peak oil issues. THROUGH THE USE OF FILMS. A film will be recorded with contents of climate and peak oil. Inside this film people will be encouraged to change their lifestyles by reducing carbon emissions. Then these films will be freely given to various groups of people to view them. These films will be viewed at various places and centres.


Various conferences will be used held at our community. In this conferences our community people will be encouraged to lead lifestyles that encourage low carbon footprints. Matters of climate and peak oil will be covered in great depth. Setting aside oil peak days and climate days; To ensure that our techniques are real implemented oil peak days and climate days will be based at our community. During these days main activities that reduce carbon footprints will be carried out. During these days it will be ensured to those who did not receive message about peak oil and climate is addressed.

Introduction of peak oil and climate programmes both in primary schools and secondary schools. Our community will ensure that peak oil and climate matters are well taught to primary and secondary schools. By so doing our children will grow knowing the essence of peak oil and climate matters. Encouraging projects to be carried out in high schools and other higher learning institutions that involve climate and peak oil. Projects will be encouraged both in college and university levels. These projects should be sponsored by the community. These projects should encourage the owners to over climate and peak oil matter.

Some incentives should be given enough funds to be able to complete them, give findings and recommendations as it is required. Encouraging research to be carried out at even PHD level. Our community will encourage research work to be carried out by universities about climate and peak oil. Many students will be encouraged and motivated to carry out such a research. Through debates, and motions: Debates and motions will be encouraged to cover this topic of climate and peak oil.


http://transitionnetwork. org/Primer/TransitionInitiativesPrimer. pdf

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