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Ground Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Seeds in Hard Ground

Ruth Rosenberg’s article, “Seeds in Hard Ground: Black Girlhood in The Bluest Eye,” offers a paradigm with which to view the growing-up process portrayed by Toni Morrison in her novel, The Bluest Eye. According to Rosenberg, Morrison’s novel is a landmark in literature because she has succeeded in portraying young, black American girls on their road to womanhood. Before her, no documented case in literature has been recorded that featured these girls in the center stage. Always, Rosenberg quotes Morrison, these girls were the props, set as part of the background, the moving scenery (436). More interestingly, however, it is Rosenberg’s treatment and reading of “colorism” in the novel that calls for attention (439). Colorism is akin to racism, where…

The film Boorstin

Boorstin also says that, “Dissent is the great problem of America today.” That reminded me of the book that we read over the summer, The Lord of the Flies. Jack and Ralph show dissent by nearly killing each other, never finding a common ground on how to run the island, and they can never just talk to one another. There always has to be something that’s said through another character, and soon gets back to the other character. They’re arguing never got them anywhere, and that’s why that example is an example of dissent. Boorstin’s views on dissent and disagreement are very much true. Disagreement is where two different sides have two different opinions, and dissent is where sides have…