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Greenhouse gas Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Biomass Energy

Biomass energy is derived from the organic matters which have been spread across the earth in abundance. Biomass energy consists of wood and agricultural biomass, solid wastes, landfills gas and alcohol fuels. There are important characteristics of biomass energy which distinct it from other kind of sources. Firstly it is environment friendly. In most cases, the emission of carbon dioxide is smaller as compared to the emission of its counterparts. Whatever quantity biomass energy emits, it takes back during the growth of the agricultural related products in during photosynthesis process. Secondly, the supply of biomass products is renewable. Almost all the nations of the world have been in possession of the organic substances in different forms. So, the local supply…

Hydraulic Fracking

This paper explores the hydraulic fracturing process, exactly what it is, what the fracturing process does to the earth and the surrounding environment in addition, to the consequences. Hydraulic fracturing is fracturing of rock by pressurization. This process by which oil and natural gas can be forced from the earth. The hydraulic fracturing process takes millions of gallons of clean water, sand, chemicals and pumps them underground at high pressure to break apart rock to release gas and or oil. My research has led me to the discovery that there are as many proponents for fracking as that are those that oppose the process. One thing no-one can deny or easily hide is that once the damage is done and…