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Green Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Green Tourism

Environmental concern is one of the major topics under discussion throughout the world due to its detrimental impact which is inevitable given the way in which resources are used and the environment polluted. Going green is a concept adopted by several businesses around the world. Some of these businesses are honestly concerned about the environment whereas others have adopted it as a marketing ploy to make profits. Thus, it is hard to say whether or not green tourism is a marketing ploy but if undertaken morally and ethically then it should not be the case (Kandari & Chandra, 2004). The tourism industry has been under scrutiny for damaging the environment. Hotels and resorts are being constructed in beautiful landscapes in…

Dream Green

Designing one’s dream green house always needs something really special. From the wall systems, to heating and cooling equipment, Electricity, Kitchen, TV room, Bath, gardens, everything has its own importance and adds to the look of house. Bathroom Before moving into the equipment, appliances and design of a bathroom, it is important to understand what mainly makes up a bathroom. Toilet and shower are two most important portions to be considered in the design of a bathroom. While designing an environment friendly bathroom, it is important to understand that looks are sometimes compromised for the welfare of environment. Basic objective is to implement and adopt healthy and hygienic practices, and ensure proper flow of clean air and water in the…

The True Meaning Behind Google’s Logo

Many of us have seen the google logo and its colors, but how many of us can recall the colors of the logo in its exact order? The theory behind this notion is that we as individuals do not remember things depending on the sequence in which we see them. Remembering a commodity, weather its short term or long term, is often more durable when it holds a significant value or relevant purpose towards you. In other words, we tend to remember things that can be useful to our survival and wellbeing rather than the unnecessary ones. With that said it makes sense that most of us would not quite remember certain objects that are seen on an everyday biases,…