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Grand Essay Topics & Paper Examples

My Grand Type

After taking this test I was very surprised by my grand type. My grand type was “Upward Mobile Analyst-Technical Expert. ” This was a surprise to me as I have never looked at the parts of work that I enjoy as the technical side to things. Overall I do agree with this designation as I always want to learn as much as possible about the job at hand. Also I do like to typically know a lot of information about a job before I attempt to complete the job. I would also say that it is very much my personality to have many of the traits listed. I feel that many of the personality traits described were right in line…

Grand Theories

Early nursing theorists were drawing from a different experience than we do today, but today’s nursing would probably not be what it is if it were not for the early Grand theorists. Florence Nightingale, Henderson, Peplau, and King all had strong influences on nursing in their own time and continue to influence nursing and nursing theory today. This paper will discuss that influence. Florence Nightingale, though seen as Grand theorists did not really have a theory; she really had a broad philosophy. Her basic tenet was healing and the philosophy consisted of healing, leadership, and global action (McEwen & Wills, 2007). Everything was focused on the needs of the patient. Nightingale felt that the physician was the one to write…