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Graduation Speech Essay

This is such a great victory for all of us! We have done each others’part to make this occasion whole. As educators, it is our pride and honor to see you all on this very momentous day tasting the fruit of our sweet success for six years of labor and more. Your parents are in deep joy celebrating your achievement that at last you did to surpass this milestone of your primary training.

Years ago you entered this place,you had the desire within you to learn and to prepare yourselves for the challenges to come in the future. We had a heart to heart agreement to teach and learn. Now, we have realized that agreement in us. Your teachers are with high regards in you for they freed you from this place because you deserve to seek higher learning which will make yourselves more equipped to meet your tomorrow with confidence, satisfaction, and integrity. The time spent in school was never wasted despite of the shortcomings we encountered.

With the theme, “ Building the Nations Future Leaders Through the K to 12 Basic Education Program”, we are truly confident that your dreams are at hand. Just strive hard not only for yourselves but for the nation as well.

The foundation we built is of good help wherever you go. As you leave your beloved Alma Mater, put in mind, carve in heart and do by hands the teachings and learnings you acquired in fundamental step of your basic education to gear you up for the higher one.

Always remember, even in this step, you start making yourselves leaders. Being a leader doesn’t always mean to be at authority to acquire power, but; being a leader is possessing the ability to make a difference to cut the poverty and corruption for the goodness of humanity so that even the most deprived will still get their basic needs with honor and happiness. Do that vision in you a great mission to fulfill in making this world a better place for all of us to live with equity and justice.

May the Almighty God guide you to whatever path will you take in building a nation with integral progress empowered by holistically developed leaders.

A warm greetings of congratulations to all of you, Graduates! Mabuhay and God speed!

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