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Governor General Essay

The United States during the 1890’s wanted to acquire as much control as it could at the expense of other countries. This desire was felt greatly in countries found in Latin America and Asia. The location and size of Latin American and Asian countries caught the attention of the United States where they began to have an interest and desire to conquer the former countries. The influence of Alfred Mahan extended to the manner of conquest that the United States was to undertake. The sea power influence was used by the great country in order to further their objectives of obtaining control over Latin America and Asian countries.

(Alfred T. Mahan on Sea Power, 1890) The USS Maine was the first ship constructed to answer the call for battle. The US was able to control the Canal Zone and this was vital to their pursuit for power. The Philippines was one of those Asian countries greatly affected by the US quest for power. The Philippine Insurrection resulted to fierce military battle between these two countries where a lot of lives were lost with many untold sufferings. (Insurrection in the Philippines) The US succeeded in conquering the Philippines where Theodore Roosevelt became the First Governor General.

(Theodore Roosevelt: First Governor General of the Philippines) The interest of the US over the Philippines arose as a result of the strategic location of the latter that would be good for business such as trading. The US had an extreme view to conquer the Latin America’s and Asian countries through force. Jingoism was prevalent during the years of 1890 onwards. The United States was able to exert influence, power and control over these countries. The control of this powerful nature ended when the spirit of democracy and independence was awakened in these countries subject to their control.


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